Requests for information

Information for citizens regarding their relationship with the judicial bodies includes both general and individual information.

General information

  • Who can request it?
    General information is provided without the need to ask for any accreditation.
  • Where to access the service:
    In the citizen services offices which are being opened in the courts and at the Citizen Services Unit of the General Council of the Judiciary. If you do not yet have one of these offices in where you live, you can ask for this service in the courts.
    The Senior Courts and the office of the Presiding Judge of the Courts can also request this.
    We would like to remind you that this website contains guides to proceedings and processes which do not require the presence of a lawyer.
  • What can it contain?
    • The identification, location and functions of any body of the Judicial Administration, in particular those located in the court that the citizen uses. It also covers organisations that have links with the Judicial Administration.
    • Information that the person concerned may need regarding the requirements that current law imposes on the proceedings, as well as information on the generic features of the different types of judicial proceedings.
    • Information relating to the specific distribution of cases between the judicial bodies of the court, rules regarding distribution in general and the publishing of any judicial acts that, due to their public nature, need to be known, indicating the date and location and any other information that may be useful.
    • Any other general information that the citizen needs to know about when dealing with the Judicial Administration.
  • What restrictions are there?
    • anything that affects judicial authority,
    • anything that consists of legal advice, interpretation of law or economic assessment,
    • anything that interferes with representation or defence in the trial,
    • any information that relates to a person's honour, privacy or own image, or
    • information about proceedings that have been declared secret, for as long as this measure remains in place.


Individual information

  • Who can request it?
    Individual information will only be provided to the people involved in each proceeding, or their legal representatives, with the necessary prior accreditation.
  • What can it contain?
    This information may refer to the status and stage of the proceedings underway, and identify the authorities and staff in the Judicial Administration service that are involved in processing these proceedings.
  • Who can provide it and how is it processed?
    It is provided on the request of the parties concerned, and under the terms laid out under article 234 of the Organic Law on the Judiciary, the Presiding Judges and Senior Courts may request that the presiding judge of the court provide information on the status of certain procedures being processed, via the Registrar or the staff responsible at the Courts.
  • What restrictions are there?
    Individual information is subject to the same restrictions as general information.