General information

Access to the judicial profession is regulated by articles 301 et seq of Judicial Power Organization Act 6/1985 of 1 July, and is based on the principles of merit and ability for the exercise of judicial functions. The selection process guarantees, in an objective and transparent manner, equality of access for all citizens that meet the necessary conditions, possess the necessary abilities, and have the required professional competence and aptitude for exercising judicial functions.

Entry is possible through any of the three levels that make up the judicial profession, to wit:

  • Supreme Court Magistrate
  • Magistrate
  • Judge

Quantitatively speaking, the most significant entry level is the Judge category. Admittance is granted after passing an open competition and a selection course encompassing practical and theoretical training in the Judicial School. The competition, which in theory must be held at least every two years, has taken place in practice, since 1998, once a year. Since 2001 it has been administered together with the competition for entry in the career system for prosecutors, such that the persons approved choose, depending on the score obtained and the jobs offered, between entering the Judicial School or the Centre for Legal and Judicial Studies of the Ministry of Justice.